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No, the Colt pocket pistols were hardly general issue combat pistols but combat is what they were for. Their issue was limited to general officers. They had some popularity before WWII in this country and numbers were exported as well, though I have no idea in what quantities. I suspect many of the issue pistols were Parkerized. At any rate, they were actually in the supply system and not private purchase or privately owned. Our arms room also had revolvers.

It is well to remember that up until after WWI, roughly speaking, practically every army used a different caliber handgun and hadn't changed much until after the next war. Even then some "odd" calibers remained in use for the next 20 years, such as 9mm Largo and .30 Luger. But as of 1914, only the Germans used 9mm Parabellum, few if any besides us used a .45 auto, the British had their .455 revolvers, also used in other Commonwealth countries, the Russians their 7.62 Nagant that you can buy right now, and so on. And the automatic were all still teenagers as far as how long they had been in use. Curiously though, virtually all small automatics at that time were in either .25, .32 or .380, all "ACP" cartridges. Anything else that was later introduced here or abroad just went nowhere.
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