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Annealing.... again (w/ a twist)

I've been satisfactorily annealing 30-38 caliber (308/30-06/300WinMag/375) brass for some time
now using the Hornady kit with the 475°F white Tempilaq. Brushed ¼" below the shoulder and
then heating the neck/shoulder uniformly, it seemed to give just the right mid 600's final neck
temp/effect before the 475° limit crept down the case to the lower-temp Tempilaq and the flame
was withdrawn.


Well, my 45-90 Starline cases require annealing -- immediately -- when using Black Powder
or the gas/soot leakage back around the case is horrendous. (Even Starline advises annealing
these cases when using BP)

Since the case geometry and mass is so different w/ these large straight walls, I went directly to using
650° Yellow Tempilaq -- inside the case neck --and again spun the cases by using a piece of cleaning
rod chucked in a drill w/ some masking tape wrapped around the end deep inside to give the case something
to grip while rotating.

The yellow contrast is very bright in the light beam I shine into the operating area, and when the
inside of the neck hits 650°, that yellow goes out like a lightbulb and the case is dropped onto a towel.

This is all great.... except the brass doesn't show the characteristic "annealed" color, nor does it feel
annealed in either the sizing die, the expander die... or when the bullet is seated. Just the opposite in fact.
If feels as stiff (or stiffer) than ever and exhibits characteristic blow-by soot when fired.

Any ideas (Uncle Nick/Brian/others) ?

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