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I have a 1948 vintage Remington 721 (long action), in .270 Win with a 4X Weaver. Gramps bought it brand new. This gun has taken countless big game over the years. Just as accurate as my newer 700 BDL. Yes, the 721 has the Walker trigger (mine is just fine, no issues like MSNBC reports), and it is one CRISP squeeze. I mean, the trigger pulls my finger.... WHAM! The old rifle was sighted in once, back in 48, and has remained zero'd in at 1" high at 100 yards ever since. I shot a doe with it at 140 yards last October. The 721/722 is a rugged, accurate rifle, not pretty, but it was designed to be hunted with, not hung up on a wall. Mr. Walker, who designed the 721 / 700 series, is in my mind, right up there with John Browning and Sam Colt.
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