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Thanks for the kind words and the information. If you want to read what how not to respond to a thread, check out the crap I had deal with by posting on another forum, so bad that I feel like I was dragged out over the coals.

Let me first state, I have no idea what my buddy has, when I get my hands on it and can take pictures of it, I will, if anyone has any links to the b series receivers and the sporter version, since this guy bridgeport claims to to have all the information, it must be out there somewhere, anyone know where I might get more info? I have emailed the webmaster and for any additional info.

James K, I noticed the same thing, except now I am curious on how the barrel stays connected, as the original forward barrel attachement also had the fittings that held the barrel in place. There must be a different design or later model? No?

Guess I'll be spending more time over here with the civilized folks....

Thanks again..
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