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Kevin you are correct in your statement because of the type of rifling they use is their reasoning behind it. Goatwhiskers I have found in my experience The hardness can play a role. You are correct about the fit but i have found real hard bullets with a lighter load you can get some blow by with the gases and cause some leading as well. I wonder if they don't expand if they would slide more then spin with the rifling. I bet they would even if they are .001 or 2 larger. arch308 dont give up on lead at all there are so many variables to the loads and cleaning can be fairly easy. I prefer shooter choice lead remover and you can get the brass chore boy scrubbing pads. Wrap a little around your cleaning brush and it will come right out in about 10 to 15 strokes or so with it. Also if your bores are not completely free of copper fouling that will cause leading as well.
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