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Problem solved! I traded for $580 dollars worth of reloading gear. Thank y'all so much!!!!
Originally Posted by jcwit
Well its obvious that money was not an object! Went from a $25.00 wack-o-mo to almost $600.00 of equipment.
Equally obvious that you have not been loading for very long if you think it surprising that a $25 budget has any difficulty turning into $500+

Lost Sheep

Originally Posted by edit from Lost Sheep
jcwit, Thanks for the PMs. I believe you understand now my intent was humor, but for the benefit of the thread, let me be clear.

My intent was humor and poking fun at (at least at myself) over how much equipment costs can creep up. Witness the "Big Grin" smiley icon.

To the forum, I ask forgiveness for the appearance of being snide or insulting. My intent was entirely playful.

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