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I own three glocks a 19,26 and 36 and have shot thousands of lead rounds through them. If you allow any gun to lead up that bad you can blow the barrels apart. If you load your lead bullets correctly with the proper BHN hardness for what you are doing with them you will not get leading at all or a very small amount. My 44 magnum i use a hardness of 18 and push those bullets to 1200fps with zero leading. My 9mm glocks im using BHN 15 with zero leading at 1040fps. My 45 acp BHN 15 at 820fps with minimal leading that comes right out with one or two passes of a bore brush and thats after 150 rounds or so. I use no gas checks on them either. There is alot to learn when it comes to the art of lead loading. To avoid the leading in my 45 i could go to a softer bullet to better fill the barrel and more then likely stop all leading issues in it. My first suggestion would be to slug your barrel and see what size bullet that glock of your really needs. You may find you need something a bit smaller or larger to properly fit your barrel. On a revolver you should slug your cylinders to check the size of the throats as well as many are incorrectly sized from the factory.
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