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Mr. O'Connor described the Model 722 rifle as being "...a real Plain Jane (and having) about as much sex appeal as Tug Boat Annie..."
The plain janeness is what I find appealing. There was a B grade 721/722 that was made with select (b grade) walnut, and came checkered. Now that would look darn classic.

the only "problem" with 222 is if you handload you can't use heavier bullets or so I am told anyway.
I bet I could get 55 grain flat base soft points to group well, Some of the early 223 rifles had a 1 in 14 twist and this was with a 55 gr bullet. However, I have no problem with 50 grainers. I shoot 45 gr with my 223's regularly, and for varmint it's plenty of bullet.
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