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This Again: Glocks and Lead Bullets

Yeah, I have a Glock 19. And I've heard all the rumors about lead bullets. I've found most people's views on this fall into three categories:
  1. Do NOT use lead bullets in your Glock. You WILL blow it up because of excessive pressures caused by barrel leading.
  2. You can use lead bullets, but clean it out every couple hundred rounds. Just be careful.
  3. Don't worry about it. Those blowing up stories are few and far between and are probably flukes.

I tend to lean on the second option with normal, plain, hard-cast bullets.

However, few people talk about soft cast bullets...with GAS CHECKS. Could it be possible that the addition of gas checks will reduce/virtually eliminate dangerous leading within the context of a Glock?

And don't anybody tell me to just get a Lone Wolf barrel or something like that.
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