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As I said in my Original Post. I hunt for meat, or to prevent damage to my property.

We will do a 'Canned Hunt' next month in Missouri for a couple of large Hogs and an Axis Doe for my wife. It is sort of a rehearsal hunt under controlled environment for her first ever deer hunt. If it works for her, then we will do open deer hunting here in Indiana later this year. These are definitely 'meat-providers' for us. While at the same time giving us a chance to see if she 'feels right' about get out into the woods on a stalking hunt.

I would love to add an Elk to our list for this hunt, but the extra $1500 is a bit out of reach for us at this point.

For me the days of humping thru the woods for a few days are gone by, but getting out for a day, then lying about how good we were that evening in the lodge over a hot dinner and a cold beer works for me just fine. She and I work well together, and sharing this 'novice' experience with another 'senior couple' will make it a fun time with lots of meat to show for it (we hope).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I feel more confident that there are more meat-users out there than perhaps I thought, at first.
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