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I was extremely fortunate to find mine used, if you can believe it. The previous owner bought it new and ran 150 rounds through it, all with success except for some Fiocchi (or was it Magtech?) 125gr factory rounds that just didn't have enough punch to operate it 100% of the time. He had also owned a Colt Delta Elite that he had previously sent across the country for some serious, high dollar custom work. When it came back to him, he fell head over heels in love with the Delta Elite and decided that the Coonan, while neat, wasn't going to get much range time with the Delta Elite now being the king of his roost. So he put the hardly used Coonan Classic up for sale and I took that as a sign from the gun gods and I begged, borrowed and stole to get my funds in order and I jumped on his "for sale" ad.

The pistol included the slick aluminum grips (an $80 option) and four total magazines. When the dust had settled, I basically paid around $200 under MSRP for all that I got. The price shown on the Coonan website is what you'll pay if you order the gun from Coonan, which is exactly what this gentleman had done and also what my local buddy had done to get his. If you are a dealer, you can get them cheaper -- but you can't get them quickly. My local shop has two great gun cranks in it and between mine & my buddy's, they elected to become Authorized, stocking Coonan dealers and they made that commitment in April and they still don't have any guns and don't know when they will.

For certain, this is a small group of people in a small place that is building these pistols. There is a wait for them and I can't fathom any scenario where that situation is going to change at anytime in the next handful of years.

If you want one -- order it yesterday. If you see a used (current model) for sale, buy it now. If you MUST have one RIGHT NOW, keep an eye on Gunbroker because a few dealers have them and do sell over MSRP so it is possible to get one if the cost isn't the largest concern.
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