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Here is a link, if I've done it properly, to a website about Swedish weapons, that particular link is to the page with M1907 pistol. There are also photos of the first model FN Browning automatic in .32 ACP.

I don't think "overly powerful pistols" were "socially unacceptable." I can't imagine where that idea came from, unless you think a 9mm is overly powerful. The old Smith and Smith Small Arms of the World refers to any cartridge more powerful than a .45 auto as a "freak load." Maybe they are. It is true, however, that the police in Europe generally carried only a .32 and as someone else here already pointed out, American police also generally carried a .32 revolver. When they went to a bigger gun, they then considered the .38 Special to be a powerful cartridge, if not overly powerful.

Both the .32 ACP and .380 ACP chambered Colt pocket autos were US issue service pistols, though hardly widely issued. They were general officer pistols until replaced, oh, I suppose in the 1970s or 1980s by real "Officer's ACP" pistols. The company I was in during my time overseas had two and although I was friendly with the armorer (I had personally owned guns at the time), I was not allowed to touch them. I don't know which caliber they were.
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