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I hunt because I was good at it and enjoyed it from the time I was very young. The older family members always encouraged me to do it and it became my "job" because I was very good at it and they enjoyed the wild meat. It was also much more enjoyable than splitting wood or other chores. I always hunted for meat and learned from a young age how to care for it even if there was no refrigeration. None of them would eat a bear so I never killed one. When we moved west they didn't like antelope or javelinas so I basically hunted deer and elk and small game. I have one mounted deer head and a few European mounts of deer. The elk antlers were all sold with sheds I gathered for cash. Hunting was always for subsisitence so even though I shot some big elk and deer the antlers were never trophies but a cash bonus. I never could understand trophy hunting. The gift of food from God was and is what hunting is all about for me.
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