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In the soule/vernier sight department, you get what you pay for. Bottom of the line are the sights Pedersoli just sticks in the box so there will be something there and most people throw in the weeds, though I did see someone trying to sell one on gunbroker for $50.00. At the top of the line, as mentioned, are the MVA's, Hoke's, Kelly etc.

Middle of the pack are the better Lee Shaver and Ron Heilman, more due to the degree of finish as opposed to the degree of quality.

I have 7 that I have bought from Ron Heilman and they work just fine on my rifles. I have used them in competition out to 1000 yards with no issues. The better Lee Shaver sight would serve you well also. The economy sight I have not heard anything good or bad about.

I wouldn't have bought more than one Ron Heilman sight if they didn't perform. Since I wanted a sight on each rifle, instead of swapping staffs back and forth, getting sights from Ron was the best way to go.

I also have 2 MVA soule sights, one came with a Shiloh I bought, and the other I got a super deal on.
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