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But hunting a good place with a good group of folks, sitting around a campfire swapping lies? Hey, can't beat that for Good.
True'r(sp?) words were never spoken Art.

Especially the older I get.

When I was younger, the group we used to get together with had a few older guys that didn't go out hunting much but showed up at camp every year.

They took care of camp, along with us young bucks. They set most of the camp 'ground' rules...which weren't many... made sure the campfire stayed lit through the day, always had a pot of somethin on the fire(didn't always know what it was , but was always good). Best of all...always had the most enjoyable tales to tell. Mostly 'tall' tales, but never-the-less, camp wouldn't have been the same without them. Sometimes they would get lie'n so much they would make each other mad.. Almost like one was out doing the other.

Today, most of those fella's are passed on and huntin the 'big sky' country.

Many,many years of great memories with a few thrown in I don't care to dwell on.

Too, us younger bucks aren't so young anymore and are finding ourselves, more and more each year, becoming the 'older guys' at camp.

Hope we can bless the younger fella's with the same great memories we carry today.
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