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I would not consider the ruling to be a boondoggle and I would consider the appeal- you need to read the supporting evidence- if you haven't- as getting us much closer to a victory. I am not concerned with who gets there first, or who gets credit, I just want my damn permit. I am not signing up clients or filing any other suits, there was a very specific reason for the timing and filing of the three suits, and I think a strategy that played out well.
Hopefully the pundits are right and someone else will get there first, but if they, don't I have several spare magazines ready to fire instead of waiting to reload. I approached the NRA and Calguns and both said they were not interested in suing Los Angeles at that time. I didn't agree with their rational and now, if you look at what I have accomplished, there are three solid appellate briefs on file with the 9th Circuit, supported by evidence and experts.
The rulings in Los Angeles are no worse than Richards or Peruta, and much better than Scocca and Nordyke. But what I think you should look at are the briefs and the supporting evidence for all of the cases, which ones have supporting discovery evidence or expert declarations the appellate court cna review? My concern is that Richards and Peruta may be lacking in all (not that it would have stopped me from filing if they had, but it certainly encouraged me to make sure we had a fully developed record, including discovery and depositions, but I don't need permission or donations to spend my own money). Richards and Peruta are also based upon old law (open carry) and while the Court reviews it de novo, it is not uncommon for them to remand to develop a more complete record and then re-consider the issue given the change in law. My three cases don't have that problem.
There is nothing I have done that has set us back, yet the personal attacks continue from calguns, whereas, in the 9th Circuit many have suggested Nordyke was mishandled and set us back several years and calguns famously and falsely claims that they made Sacramento go shall issue.
So my request is, please, dont make it personal, it is what it is and there are several competent lawyers pursuing several strategies and none that hurt another, if anything, the significant harm was done to all of by Nordyke, but forward we move to restore our rights.
If there was a group to coordinate with I would do that. The NRA legal counsel and counsel for Calguns have been kept abreast at every stage of the litigation and the NRA even assisted me with some discovery, so please, don't believe everything you read on the internet (and more importantly what you aren't told or what is censored because it would harm donations).
I have posted all of the briefs and supporting evidence on my website if you are interested in reading it.

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