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I agree with you all. When they say approximate it should be close in my way of thinking not 2 or 3 grains off on larger load volumes. I normally use my Lyman 48th edition book for my loads. On 44 mag for example they say to start at 10 grains of unique for 240 lswc. I beleive that the lee book states 6 with a max of 7 wimpy loads but they have their purpose. I always measure what im droping every time i load just because and i always spot check them randomly to be sure everything is running smooth. I use a balance beam and an electronic scale. I love my Lee equipment but you have be able to over come the mechanics of them to work correctly. I think the folks that dont like them cant do just that. I have two turret presses and a load master and love them all. The powder measure was just one thing i was curious about if others seen the same kind of thing.
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