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Building, or rather Assembling AR's is a fun way to know your rifle inside out, but can also be challenging to a beginner.
Perhaps to some, but I suspect, not many.
As a lifelong contractor, I've got just about every common tool known (and a bunch of uncommon ones as well) and my then 17 year old son had never really touched them, or shown any inclination towards learning how to use them.

He wanted to build an AR for his HS graduation present. We did a lot of research and put together a build (with some help from an FFL dealer) and the boxes of parts arrived from various suppliers. Being the helpful (and tool-experienced) Dad, I wanted to sit with him and coach...

He politely told me to get the hell away from the gun/reloading bench after dinner...
By midnight, his build was complete, and correct.

Some of the tools make the job convenient, but are not "required".

Don't be intimidated. Not difficult, and building it exactly the way you want it is a big plus. Just make sure you get ALL the parts...
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