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Opinions about what pistol to use for IDPA??

OK so I have been shooting and hunting for years, shotguns, rifles and pistols. I just joined the local gun club and getting into leagues and competitions. They shoot IDPA there. My question is what gun should I choose?

As of right now I have two 22 handguns, a Smith 29, a Taurus 380 and an old FN 32. None of these are going to work for IDPA. I also have a complete glock frame.

I thought about building a glock long ago so I bought the frame and was going to use lone wolf parts to put a gun together. I don't know if thats a good idea for an IDPA gun because I have no clue what class I would put me in with an aftermarket slide and such. I used to have an xdm 40 loved that gun shot nice didn't have any problems but I sold it because I wanted a 1911. I never got a 1911 but I have shot quite a variety of them.

Here is a list of guns I'm currently considering for IDPA:
Springfield XDM 5.25 9mm
Springfield Trophy Match 1911 (if I can find one)
Build a Glock 34 if it will be legal for IDPA
Something else??

I don't really have a budget when it comes to guns because I know quality costs. What are your opinions? I'm pretty comfortable shooting all different guns not favorable to one or the other.
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