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Originally Posted by DNS
LOL, I have a couple that have been deer hunting my place for 4 years. They will eat what they kill. However, she is after a decent trophy (which won't be terribly big, but will be for my little area) and so she picks out her options at the beginning of the season and those are the bucks she goes after. He won't shoot a deer until she as not to ruin her hunt. So far, they have killed zero deer on my place...waiting on her to get her prize.

Like me, they really enjoy being out and about, but as much as they enjoy watching the critters and such, they would not be there to watch the critters if they were not hunting. Watching critters from the stand is a side benefit and not a primary goal.
I can't lie, I also regularly shoot small and young animals but only because we have so many tags. If I had one tag and I was done, I'd always wait... even if I ended with the same small critter, I'd rather hunt longer.

Being able to watch the animals and generally de-fuse from real life is a big part of why I'm out there too. Some of the coolest things I've ever seen have been from a treestand and if I shot the first bag of meat that walked by, I probably wouldn't have seen most of them.
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