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I did a little Googling and it seems that most who have had FTE issues with the 938 involved 115 grain bullets. Mine did have a perfect run with the 124 grain Gold Dots. On the other hand, one of the boxes of 115 gr. Silvertips ran without a FTE also.

I'm wondering why bullet weight would have anything to do with FTE. Do they have lighter charges that fail to bring the slide back far enough?

A couple of suggestions I have heard for correcting it were polishing the chamber (non abrasive so as to polish, not grind) and using grease rather than oil on the slide rails to avoid the lube from running off.

I'm going to pick up a few brands of heavier bullets and see what happens. It would suck if it won't run 115 grain for practice, as most of the cheaper stuff is of that weight.

There is no way I would ever trust that one or even keep it. Sig would now be a dirty word to me. There is no excuse for selling something especially a gun with those kinds of problems. I would officially write Sig off in the future. That is just me though. I have a low tolerance for low quality.
Yeah, this being my first Sig, it doesn't make me want to run right out and buy another. I don't get why QC seems to be so poor these days. I'm not ready to give up on this one yet, though. If it runs 100% on 124 grain and up, it would still be a great CC piece. Just not as good as it SHOULD be.

coop 2564 said:
Sorry to hear your problems, I have the nightmare and its been 100%.
Does yours choke on 115 grain cartridges?

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