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Elk may be the best tasting wild game meat there is.
Haven't eaten all the wild game there is but of what I have eaten, my tastebuds say that's fairly accurate.

The shows you see where they're packing out just the antlers...

Notice how that hunt takes like 30 minutes, sometimes including the flight time and drive to camp?

Yeah, that's because they don't show you the whole thing. No TV show is leaving the meat in the field and packing out the antlers. If they did, they'd get nailed by the law, and have been.

Friend of mine(Tom King) has an excellent hunting show called 'Bighorn Outdoors'....

....Oooops (08-25-2012), think the name of his new show for this season may be Relentless Pursuit. Just saw him on Relentless Pursuit and will have to give him a call to see what's up.

Anyway, a 30 min. hunting show is very costly and can sometimes take several days of footage to make.
Same with fishing shows. Once fished right next to Roland Martin on Lake Okeechobee for four days whilst they were filming for a show. The bass were where we were at but for some reason had lockjaw.

Most of the shows don't include the field dressing process for cost of production reason's...

... and the fact that showing this process would just give the anti-hunting crowd more ammo to promote their agenda.

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