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The question should be "why not hunt?". Every so often threads come up about why do people kill critters they can't possibly or don't eat. Those folk live in their own little world. Lot's of reason to hunt even if you let a carcass rot in the field. Population control and fur being 2. Left unchecked most critters in the U.S. would over populate an area quickly if left unchecked. Ever see what happens when distemper runs thru a coon population or mange thru fox populations? Not pretty and far less humane than shooting em. As for fur that's pretty self explanatory. Now some so-called hunters get all high and mighty and say we don't need fur for clothes, well you don't need venison to eat either so touche.

But possibly the main reason to hunt is because I'm a predator. Top dog in my woods and by god I'm gonna hunt. Not gonna make apologies to anyone for my hobby or my methods and generally don't have to explain myself to anyone with a lick of common sense. Seems I only have to explain myself to folk with the same amount of common sense a six week old puppy. In short? You do what you want to do and stop worrying so dang much about the next guy.
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