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@allaroundhunter, No harm no foul, I have planned to set up a few tests, I actually want to see what happens to targets behind a couple sheet rock boards after the safety slug impacts them, and I want to set some on the other side of an old car door or something and see what the other rounds are capable of.

All of this is a new world from the ownership point, the Sub-2000, and the AR15 are both new purchases. I get the physics of it all, but I generally do not trust much until I have seen it.

I can do the math and determine energy of a projectile and its mass, what I do not have other than internet research is how different projectiles will maintain their mass and shape, and how that affects different materials. Obviously 70-115gr of wood hitting a target would behave different that the same mass in steel at the same velocity regardless of equal energy the material performance characteristics would vary.

And trust me it would not be the first time something performed other than advertised, seen a few strange things in my life.

Right now I figure it like this, *if* someone were to need to be shot by being in my house intending harm, my family is already in danger, taking well thought out reasonable precautions in ammunition and weapons choice is step one, hitting what I want to is step two. For that the folding 9mm carbine is my personal best choice from what I own.

I contemplated a judge with buckshot, but figured my chances of getting them all in the target were less and overshooting / over penetration would be more of a concern...

That, and the videos of them hitting ballistics gel are awesome...

I would not shoot someone in my driveway stealing my car or raiding my shed, hell I hope I never have to shoot anyone, but I would if I had to protect myself or my family, for that I figure I have one chance, better make it count.
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