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One reality that I believe you were trying to accomodate:A number of the shooters had schedule issues,they only had so much time.

For them to be able to participate that day,the pace of the clinic was pretty quick.

No complaint,that made it work for everybody.

My take :I mostly hit it with PPPPPPP,You aren't going to have a barber shop at the range,and it takes longer than 1/2 day for stretching and conditioning.

I am not finding any "I could have done better if kraigwy would have done this".
You are only one man,you cannot Range Officer and be a one on one coach for each shooter on the line.

I do believe I left with an idea of a number of my shortcomings.I can improve a lot for next time.Then,I will find a few more things.

I intend to work on getting a Garand coming,if my pennies count up right.

I will also point out your clinic was safe,smooth,and organized,with plenty of "Are there any questions?"

Thanks again.
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