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What else are they going to say,,,

What else are they going to say,,,
This video was put out by a Mayors office.

In all seriousness,,,
Do we think they could promote any other actions?

We all hail heroic people who stand and fight rather than run,,,
But for a Mayors office to actually advocate that would be against accepted public policy.

I hear and feel where you are coming from Wyosmith,,,
But realistically no current political entity will ever advocate fighting first.

I feel this video advocates the actions that most people will do anyways,,,
Perhaps it is wisest to encourage and teach the behavior that is already the most likely to occur.

I really do not know what is best,,,
But I can't in good conscience condemn this video.

If I am suddenly in harms way,,,
And I have no weapon to fight back with,,,
You better believe that I'm gonna be running like lightning.


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