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To be more specific about the ammo I feed mine:

I've chrono'd my handloads as running 125gr TMJ slugs as slow as 1,255 and as fast as 1,455 average FPS.

130gr FMJ at 1,400 FPS.

158gr TMJ and JSP between 1,196 and 1,436 average FPS. (that last number works out to 723 ft/lbs energy, but there's no doubt that it's a warm load.)

And lately I've been playing with a 180gr lead truncated cone slug... some loads just under 1,000 FPS and many at 1,220 FPS and of everything I have chrono'd, these loads give me the most consistent performance as far as extreme spread and standard deviation. And they are one-hole accurate.

The bullet is a Penn bullet, and I'm soon going to buy a lot more of them.

All of the above loads feed, fire and function with 100% reliability in my Coonan Classic.
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