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Well the people who made this video are either unaware of the facts and the truth--- or they are being motivated by the P.C. climate of today.

However the facts show their order is in error.

Run, hide, fight should be Fight/Hide and run. In that order.

Now I know this is probably going to attract opinions from a lot of readers but the FACTS are pretty conclusive.

In EVERY case of an "active shooter attack" (and in nearly every case of a madman attacking people with weapons other than firearms) in which 4 or more people attacked the criminal within the first 1-2 minutes the criminal was subdued and/or killed.
When that happens the media either ignores it or gives it a pass-by so short most people don’t notice and few remember.

These facts are conclusive and are compiled from hundreds of cases gathered from over 20 countries and spans a time period of over 50 years.

In EVERY case of what we now call "active shooter" where 4 or more people attacked their assailant the people won. EVERY CASE!

In every case where people hid or ran the loss of life was much higher and the activity lasted for anywhere from 10 minutes to 7 days. (Hostage situations)

ATTACK should ALWAYS be the first response to an active shooter if there is ANY way to close with the shooter and get hold of the weapon. One on one you have perhaps a 30% chance of winning. Two on one you have about a 70% chance. Three on one your chances are close to 100% that the shooter will be subdued. The reason I lumped Hide and Fight together is simply that in most cases the ground is more familiar to the victims than it is to the shooter and an ambush is often the very best way to counterattack.

I cannot help but notice how the very idea of having handguns in large numbers, carried concealed by the victims in this dramatization was avoided altogether.
If such an incident were real and one or 2 people got hold of the shooters gun when a few more could use their guns in a contact shooting mode, the incident would last only a few seconds.
But………….The PC crowd strakes again.
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