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1) Statement from Madigan's office basically saying the Illinois AG can't do anything about this

2) This state rep La Shawn Ford seems like the messenger for the antis, they are offering to let CCW go forward for most of Illinois in exchange for an AWB and letting Chicago and similar municipalities continue to deny people the right to carry.

That’s the problem, driving in a straight stretch of road in the Chicago area (like I do often) because of the irregular way in which localities including the city of Chicago are laid out means you can literally start in one town, briefly cross into another town, cross into a third town, then cross back into the first all in just a few miles of driving.

If you allow individual Cities/Towns/Villages "opt out" of concealed carry then the law is worthless to the majority of the population of Illinois.

Conceal carrying and traveling in any of the "collar counties" around Chicago(Lake, DuPage, Kane, Will and McHenry) impractical because you would need to constantly worry about however briefly crossing the boundary of a place where CC is banned.

Not to mention that it would subject those traveling through the state of Illinois to a different destination subject to a confusing web of local restrictions. You cannot easily drive from Iowa to Indiana , Indiana to Wisconsin or Missouri to Indiana without going through some sort of area that would have a CC ban.

Lets face it, Cook County would pass a CC ban, a good number of towns in Will, Lake, Dupage and to a lesser extend Kane and McHenry county would pass a CC ban. Rockford would have a CC Ban. Springfield would have a CC Ban, Areas bordering St. Louis would have a CC Ban and Champaign/Urbana would probably try for one too. Look at a map of these areas and the interstate highways that go through them. Interstate CC through Illinois would be so difficult as to be near impossible without serious risk of breaking the law.

We need to go for this all or nothing, Chicago must be FINALLY dragged kicking and screaming into the real world where the Second Amendment guarantees ones right to protect themselves inside and outside the home.

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