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Don't much care for the taste of bear so I don't hunt them.

I eaten mule deer,elk, moose, big horn sheep and would hunt them again if they were local.

Whitetail deer are the big local thing here in Ohio. I tag my share every year and love the meat. Yes, I also hunt(usually bow hunt) for the largest buck I can get. Been hunting a real trophy for the last five years. If I'm lucky enough to stick him this year, he'll undoubtedly be stronger/tougher then a nice young doe but he will be ground up, mixed with sausage for burger and some will be made into some tasty eating jerky.
He'll eat just fine.

Too, I don't do many head mounts anymore but his rack will be cut off, mounted on a nice piece of wood and hung with the rest of them.

Bottom line ....
... I couldn't shoot a trophy(or non-trophy) deer, elk or any other game animal and let the carcass go to waste. Goes against everything I think a hunter should be.

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