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WBW - go over to the Revolver part of the forum ...and you'll get more responses....

I have a Derringer...American Derringer I think it is ..6" barrel ...made in Texas...that I inherited from my Brother in Law....that is chambered in .45 Colt and .410 shotshell....but I don't consider it a shotgun / and more than a S&W model 29 in .44 mag that I can shoot .44 mag "shotshells" in ...or whatever they call those little "snake shot" pellet cartridges these days.

I've fired a Judge and the Governor....and they're ok / as a novelty in my mind.../ nothing I want personally.

I won't discuss the issue of a .410 for defense.../ but that is why a lot of us have no use for the Judge or the Governor....or at least why we haven't bought them.
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