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Thanks for the reply.

I have our hunt booked at an outfitter, the fee is two nights lodging, two hogs, guided hunt. We'll butcher our own and quarter it up on sight and get it into coolers.

I've seen pictures of the lodge, has a kitchen and everything to make meals while we're there. This is a guys trip so I'm not ultra worried about how comfy it is, however from what I can tell it doesn't look too bad.

The fees seem reasonable for sure, I'll put a tally on it when I get back. Our dates are 1/10 and 1/11 next year for the hunt. I'm getting pretty anxious and starting to look into some different hunting clothing to adapt to the different climate/style of hunting.

We'll probably drag a small enclosed trailer with totes to haul back our prizes. I figure we'll have a bit of meat with 4 guys at least getting one pig each. It will also let us get our gear spread out etc....

I may bring options as far as what I hunt with. By that I mean if within the first short time I bag something with my bolt gun, I may snag the muzzle loader for the second one, or see how close I can get and nab one with my Ruger Vaquero. The fee includes two pigs. is the outfitter we're using. Anybody have any hunts with these guys?

Getting anxious for sure!
Never enough toys

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