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I've hunted and taken 1 bear and 1 elk. I ate both animals I took. The bear was about 10 miles from the nearest road but only about 1 mile from my friend's cabin. We used 4-wheelers to get the carcass out of the woods after we field dressed it, skinned and quartered it. The elk... I admit was a high fence canned hunt. I won the hunt in a raffle that I'd actually entered for the guns they were raffling off but got the hunt instead. That was in a 500+ acre fenced in area that they released one female elk into. I found the animal at the far southern corner of the compound after tracking it for half the day (the danged things don't walk in a straight line and I'm not that good of a tracker!) I shot her dead where she stood and placed a radio call to the people who owned the place. I hiked out while they came and got her with 4-wheelers and I took her home in the back of my truck afterwards - in pieces.

I'd like to hunt elk in the wild but at this point its outside of my budget and frankly not a necessity so I won't be hunting wild elk any time soon. I have no desire to pay into and wait on the lottery here for bear tags so I won't be hunting bear anymore either unless they eliminate the lottery but that won't happen any time soon. If I get the chance to hunt large game I'll take it but I will also NOT just hunt for a trophy. I'll eat the wild game I take too.

Oh and I never came close to seeing a 500lb bear when I bear hunted. The largest I saw topped 300 maybe... and the one I shot was closer to 200. I got about 100lbs of meat off it after it was gutted, skinned and boned. I bet in order to get 500lbs of meat off a bear that thing'd have to weigh more like 650 - 700lbs - that's HUGE for black bear around here. Personally while I'll eat bear I'm not so much a fan of that as I am of elk meat. Having eaten it I can say I like it more than deer and definitely more than bear.

I've heard of other hunters taking the trophy but giving the meat to local charities so it doesn't get wasted.
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