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OK, I am a meat hunter. I shoot Hogs and Deer for use in our home kitchen. If I ever want too I will go after Turkey and maybe even Squirrel for the same reasons.

I shoot Crows and Groundhogs because they mess up my property and damage my fruit trees. I haven't shot a raccoon in years or a Possum or a skunk, but might if they were doing damage to my property. We are starting to see Coyotes now and then, so add them to my "Maybe someday" hunting list.

Now my question. Why go out to shoot a Bear or a large Deer/Elk, or a Cougar ?

I see these Hunters on TV trotting over miles of woodlands to finally shoot one of those big critters 30 miles from anywhere, then Heading for the 'road' with just the antlers, or worse just the photos of the dead critter to use after the hunt. What do you Big Game Hunters do with the carcass of your kills after the wilderness hunt? Please, this question is not meant as a criticism, I just wonder if the meat is used or just left while the Trophy is retained. I have never seen a hunter say he was looking forward to his 500 lbs of Bear meat this winter.
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