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We did a semi-guide hunt in Texas last year. It cost a bit more than I anticipated because the place "nickled and dimed" us for everything we did. 2 adults (seniors) and a teenaged boy got 5 hogs in the 3 day two night hunt (actually 2 nights and one full day between---the rest was check-in and check-out time). The total for the trip was about $3000.

It was OK, for a first time it did the freezer-filling stuff and the folks at the ranch treated us well.

Next month My wife and I are meeting another couple at a game ranch in Missouri for a Hog Hunt. This one has ALL the little sur-charges and fees covered by ONE PRICE. Not really 'cheap', but at least we know up front what we are getting into. Price includes One 200 lb or larger Razorback Hog per hunter plus one Axis deer Doe (average size 125 lb) for the ladies. All critters, dressed and butchered, vaccum sealed cuts then frozen for transport home.

Cost for the two of us is about $1500 plus our gas and one night in a Motel before entering the camp in the morning of the first day. The Texas Hunt added 2000 miles of driving and 4 nights in motels to the costs, so the shorter trip will be a money-saver. The Texas ranch used pretty primitive 'bunk-rooms' for the guys sleeping quarters. Same kind of eating rooms. OK but not motel level at all. The shower room and Latrine was a seperate building. Plenty of water, but concrete slab floor and scorpions here and there, made it a Guys Only kind of camp.

Missouri offers a much more comfortable lodge and cabins. I need a walk-in shower and grab-rails in the latrine, and this place offers that. plus the dining hall looks like a restaurant, not a picnic area. I will report back on what we find the reality turns out to be.

Our hunt this time is fully guided. We hope that improves our take a bit. The Texas ranch put us out for self-guided walks and then in a blind. The Missouri folks have a guide to assist in helping you find the wallows and get the hog you want. I am pretty limited in my mobility, so I will probably shoot from a truck or blind. But my wife wants to to walk and stalk a bit, and will do it her way for her Deer hunt .

I haven't narrowed my primary choice of weapons yet. I am taking a Winchester Model 100 in .308 and my Ruger Mini-30 in 7.62x39mm. Jan will use her Ruger 44 magnum Carbine. We have zero'd the guns at 100 yards.

When are you going out?
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