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Having done it myself, try lugging an M3 and a few 30 rd. mags around. Heavy!

The 9mm subguns have merit, but those that are reliable are hard to get and costly, e.g., the MP-5. The clones are north of 2 grand. Many only come in open-bolt, like the Swedish K configuration which isn't too pure in a household setting. Or are full auto only.

I had a full auto only Stemple 76/45. It took M3 magazines and was a heavy open bolt gun. While it was a fun toy to shoot, it would not have been my first choice for self defense.

The modern M-4 (or M4orgery) is as small and light as most 9mm subguns and fires the .223. No contest. It's replacing most subguns in most applications, including home defense.

An M4, a shotgun or Mini 14 makes more sense as a home defense long arm to me.
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