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The Sten gun is practically an antique today but that doesn't speak to the original question. Personally, I have no idea if Americans like pistol caliber carbines or not, but I doubt they are as popular as AR-15 variations and there are good reasons.

In the military world, I believe intermediate caliber weapons basically outclassed submachine guns. They may or may not weigh less, depending on what particular weapons you choose to compare but 5.56, 5.45 and 7.62x39 are really more powerful than any 9mm or .45, and a 5.56 at least is easier to shoot.

Ah, but what have they done to the AR-15! Ever pick up an M4? What with the rail and all the gadgets that get tacked on, they are no longer as light as a plain old AR-15. And an M1 carbine is even lighter than that in the first place.

Has no one mentioned the Uzi yet? They were all the rage a couple of decades ago. Not bad, once you come to grips with grip safety but an AR-15 is easier to use, even though it is longer. I have not had a chance to handle any of the shorter versions of an AK. My son and I were both able to handle an old German MP-40 (I think it was). His first comment: it's heavy!

More as a matter of novelty than anything else, I'd rather like to have a bolt action 9mm Largo.
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