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I got hold of a rock tumbler from Horrible Freight (Vibrator/Tumbler 67617 - 54.99 minus 20% coupon) and some Lizard Litter (walnut shell fine grind - grains about twice the size of salt - 12.99 for a pickup load) from Petsmart.

I tumbled the cases for about an hour and a half. I did not add anything else to the mix (Well, I put the cases in. ;o) )

They came out nice and shiney.


There is a residue in the primer hole of all of the cases.

I shot two different powders in these cases. One was Smokeless (100 rnds)and the other was 777 (100 rnds).

There does not seem to be any difference in the residue and so as logic would support, I am assuming that the offending residue is from the primer itself rather than which type of powder I used.

I put the rounds into soap water immediately following discharge (Within seconds of shooting). I washed and dried them as soon as I got home.

But then I waited a week to deprime and tumble the cases.

Did I wait too long permitting the residue to harden up in the primer hole?

Should I have:

1. Left the cases in soap water until right before I tumbled them?

2. Tumbled the cases for a longer period of time?

3. Taken a chill pill and just accepted the residue as a normal part of the process which won't have an effect on the usability of the cases?

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