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I normally try not to correct anyone and apologize beforehand but cast off is for right hand shooters with a bend to the left, cast on is for left hand shooters with a bend to the right and there is no cast for a shotgun that has a straight stock. If I have this backwards please correct me.
Not per a book by Rollin Oswald, "Stock Fitter's Bible", at page 108:

Cast "off" involves the postition of a part of the stock to the right of the axis (of the gun's bore) and cast "on" in a position to the left.
Oswald does say that cast "off" is for right hand shooters and "on" is for lefties. He also notes that while bending the stock is one way to add cast, it can also be accomplished with shims or refitting the stock to metal. Another way is to design cast at the comb by offsetting the entire comb.
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