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How much experience does she have? How recoil sensitive is she? The LCR 357, even with .38 sp, can be pretty nasty. I've fired one, and I have lots of experience with a Smith & Wesson 442, which is an alloy J frame of similar weight. But then I'm a pretty high mileage handgun guy.

And as an NRA certified instructor I've introduced hundreds of beginners to shooting handguns. I would not recommend am LCR or alloy frame, small snub nose for a beginner. It's the sort of thing that will likely put a beginner off shooting.

If your wife is well schooled and experienced with a handgun, something like an LCR 357 could be a fine choice. But for a beginner, one of Ruger's medium frame revolvers with a steel frame and a 3 inch to 4 inch barrel would be a much better choice.
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