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Plenty of Prior Planning Prevents a Painfully ...

Poor Performance! :-)

That would be Mine!

This is NOT the official CMP Garand ,Springfield,Vintage Military Rifle CMP clinic kraigwy post;Mods,please,leave room for that post if/when it comes.Close/delete this one if it gets in the way.

No,this is a comedy.

How not to do it.

I was in the process of building a 1903A3 when I saw this match announcement.I decided to go.The stock showed up Thursday night.I got it inletted about midnight.Loaded dummy rounds in the morning,got extraction,feed,etc worked out.Finished loading ammo,jumped in the truck and went.

I had never slung up prone with a 1903A3 before I got to Newcastle.

Now,there have been a lot of Springfields,and millions of GI's have learned to shoot them well,of all sizes.

Its not the gun.

I'm the problem!!

I have long hair and a big,bushy Santa beard.Just not compatible with shooting a bolt gun in a slung prone position.A 1903A3 will cycle full of beard hair.

I also need to do some stretching to get enough range of motion,that may help..but,I'm 6'3",about 285 and the stock seemed a bit short...Oh,that old thumb thing,smacking that nerve rich place under the cheekbone,above the moustache?Sweet!

OK,I left pretty humble..but,doggone

Newcastle is in a cool place,right near the Black Hills.They have a nice club and ranges.

Kraig Stuart is a fine host and a gentleman.He bent over backwards to help me.He knows his stuff,and he will teach you.

The other folks there were pleasant,helpful...and I believe they all outshot me!Good bunch.

Garands,P-17's,Springfields,even a fine Krag.

It was a good time,worth doing,for sure.

My thanks to kraigwy and the Newcastle club.

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