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4EVERM-14, or Dave:

I guess we all come to that point, though being quite far removed from being a “kid”, “old man” would be more accurate, perhaps I should take up the 22. I have two of them one an H & R 5200, a heavy, single shot target rifle, the other being a Mossberg tubular feed “target rifle”, which I have shot now and then, it's a lightweight.

Haven't shot rifle competition in quite a while, can't really remember when last I did, and I'm these days down to two bolt action rifles, those defined as 30 caliber, either 30-06, my first choice or a close second, the 7.62mm NATO or .308 Win if you prefer, both having been converted to left hand operation. I never could see sights with my right eye, and reached over the stock with Model 70's for a long time. Such action used to draw the occasiponal odd look. If all else fails, there is always IPSC competition, though I shoot a pistol to slowly to do much good. Lots of fun though, and one needn't carry half a ton of “stuff around either.

Take care.
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