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Hello, everyone. Concerning that 200 yd. shooting exhibition..The match was just about finished for the day..most shooters had left..only myself, and two or three old timers were left. If I remember correctly, I was the only one mesmerized by this shooting..the others kind of took it all in stride. Now the fellow doing the shooting was on his own back-yard range..way out in country with cornfields surrounding house...probably unlimited amount of practice time..since he had just retired. Sadly, diabetes took those wonderful eyes, and later his life.
I have always been facinated by the old-time 1000yd. matches of Creedmoor & Wimbledon. I have a book with detailed information on these matches & dimensioned drawings of the huge chilled cast-iron targets they used. The bull was steel..and gave a distinctive opposed to the dull clunk of the iron..What I would give to be able to witness those far off rings.
Since my home range is limited to 100yds..I scaled those 1000yd targets to 1/10 size. the 10 ring is 3.6" in dia. Looking thru irons, it looks like a pencil dot out there. 200yds. would give a more realistic feel... what wth wind and mirage, and they could easily be scaled for such a distance.
I printed them on heavy paper..both the early square, and later round bulls.
Last summer, I used a customized BSA 12/15 match rifle, stocked in English walnut & re-barreled with a 30" heavy 1" at muzzle barrel made by H.M. Pope in 1930. brl. has scope blks, but I used the BSA adj. appature rear, & Watson interchangeable appature front.
Shooting prone, with & without sling..I was able to keep most in the black..but this rifle is heavy! even with sling, I found I had to lay rifle down after each to get in better shape!
I was even thinking of contorting my old carcase into one of them fancy creedmoor back positions!..Have to watch the toes!
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