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In the draft announcement, Dozier explains that by law and precedent, local prosecutors have great discretion with regard to charges in criminal cases – and he notes the primary check and balance to this power is the people’s power to remove him or her at the next election.

He goes on to say that with the Heller and McDonald decisions, the right of the people to keep and bear arms is incontrovertible. He writes that Chicago and the State of Illinois have “done everything possible to defy, obfuscate and ignore the Court’s substantive rulings”.

He sees Illinois current prohibition on law-abiding individuals carrying firearms for personal defense as unconstitutional and as such he will not bring charges in those cases. In essence, his press release says to local, county and state law-enforcement in McLean County: don’t bother to make an arrest because Dozier’s not going to prosecute in cases that “appear in contravention of the Heller and McDonald decisions”.
His purpose in making the announcement, he cautions, isn’t to encourage folks to disregard the laws, particular pertaining to firearms, but to send a message to the Governor and legislators “who continue to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court decisions”.

People downstate are tired of living under Cook County's boot. Cook County has about 40% of the population of Illinois, but just a tiny fraction of the land area. It's ridiculous that a man can carry a gun in one town, while another is prohibited the same right because he lives on the other side of the State line.

Whatever can of worms this opens, it has to be done.
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