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McLean County State’s Attorney Ron Dozier was expected to make an announcement today - a statement that he wouldn't be prosecuting FOID card holders for carrying a firearm. But I haven't seen any announcement.

Here is another article:

Jack Howser reported that Illinois governor Pat Quinn met with Illinois AG Lisa Madigan and Director of the Illinois State Police Hiram Grau, to try to get Dozier to postpone the announcement.

Grau is a Quinn appointee, but from what I've read, a majority of the rank and file ISP officers favor CCW - especially the officers from Central and Southern Illinois.

I have no idea what is going to happen but if just a few other county States' Attorneys joined Dozier - the anti-gun Chicago political machine is going to have a serious problem propping up their anti-2A laws and even more problems imposing their will on the rest of Illinois.
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