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Why no respect for pistol cal carbines as SD weapons?

I'm curious why Americans don't consider 9mm or .45 carbines as "serious" military or SD weapons (or SHTF, if your tastes run in that direction). The 9mm and .45 have a long history as issued military long arms - from the Sten, Steryr, Thompson, to Uzi and MP5, and dozens in between to almost every military in the world. Granted, these were mostly SMG's or select fire, but why are the modern pistol cal. carbines dismissed as a novelty nd all discusion ends up as AK vs. AR? Other than rate of fire, modern carbines are the same as their forebear SMG's, and if they were good enough for hundreds of military units (inlc SEALS and other operators) why not for us civvies?
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