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Originally Posted by dahermit
Unless they have changed in recent history, the digitals were only guranteed to be accurate to +/- .2 of a grain. I have more faith in a balance beam scale being more accurate than that. +/- .2 (.4 possible from desired) grain seems like quite a lot of variation to me. That is almost half a grain.
+/- 0.2 grains is not potentially 0.4 off your desired weight, it's 0.2 off. The indicated weight could be +0.2 or -0.2. The extreme spread could be 0.4, but no charge would be more than 0.2 from the intended weight.

Besides which, it's not as though mechanical scales are perfect. Most have an indicated variance of 0.1gr. Yes, 0.2 is double 0.1 but it's not perfection versus error. It's how much error is acceptable.

Plus, I've never seen this variance. The RCBS ChargeMaster that I use shows the same weight for the same items every time. The check weights always shows correct. The pan always shows the same weight. I have a few "check bullets" that I set aside. They all show the same every time.

The variance is a theoretical maximum, not a given.

Originally Posted by rclark
Plus I'd always be 're-checking' the electronic scale to make sure it was reading properly.
I verify my scale between every charge.... by putting the pan back on it. If it still reads zero, it's still accurate. It's like using a 165.5gr check weight every single time.
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