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Melvin Johnson semi-auto 30.06 Taft Pearce prototype B6680

Okay, so a friend of mine just finished bringing by all the riffle's he got from a recently deceased grandfather. Most all was military style stuff, just about one of each from most major US conflicts.

He said he got a Melvin Johnson, I remember hearing something about them as a M1941 which was in direct competition with the M1 garand with the US Army, but this riffle didn't look military, it looked like a sporter. I've been trying to find more info on it, reading a little here and there, about how M.Johnson didn't get the US Military contact he wanted, so bunked up with Taft-Pearce, and some sporterized models were released.

It has "Melvin Johnson semi-auto 30.06 Taft Pearce prototype B6680" stamped on the receiver followed by a "1513" stamped on the barrel, no other markings on it anywhere to be seen unless taking it apart provides access to something we dont see.

This riffle was supposed to have a rotary clip, but it is missing it, any chance something like that will ever be found?

Anyone know their stuff that wants to comment on this rifle, feel free please. It looks to be in real nice condition.

no one is left in his family to give him any real info, but some quick internet searching didnt show up much except that they are extremely rare in the M1941 format, wanted by collectors, etc, etc. Any info on this one, again, please let me know.
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