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All I know is it works good in B/P rifles. I was experimenting with pyrodex and 2FF Black the other day. Alternating powders between shots. While changing ball weights and patch thickness's. I wanted to see if I could get a quick recovery on its second & third shots without having to swab hoping to keep its accuracy dead on. Got close but didn't quite win a Brass Ring out of the trying for it. So what (crud) gathered in the barrels breech plug really got burnt in. Ballistol just dissolved it all away. I've always managed to get my barrels bore pretty clean after a shooting secession in the past. But its breech plug was a whole different thing when it came time to trying to get it entirely cleaned out with store bought barrel soaps. I still like CLP better for its (outside surfaces) Inside its bore Ballistol straight out of the can from now on. The one who told me about this Ballistol stuff was mykeal I do believe. And a 2nd second from Hawg Haggen agreeing. I remember Hawg commenting about its smell. Short and to the point >Stuff stinks!! I have to agree with Hawg observation. >To some degree it sure does!!_
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