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I was thinking about the least of the cost savings I can get from reloading. I load 9 mm jacketed for about 1/2 the price of the cheapest factory ammo I can find even by the case. Anything else the savings increases. I load just about everything with jacketed bullets and they cost a lot more than lead does. I don't load 45 colt. That would be a round I would surely load if I was to even think about shooting it. I have seen what the local stores sell it for when they can get some in. Components to reload are normally easier to get than it is to find some factory ammo of certain calibers. Once you have the components on hand you just need a little time to produce what you want or need.

If you are even considering reloading in the future, I suggest you start saving all your brass now. You can never have too much brass when you start loading your own. Even if you don't want to reload within a few years, keep the brass dry and it will hold its value better than many other things I can think of.
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